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Is this the right time to invest in Dholera?

Yes, it is right time to invest in Dholera SIR. The property value is low right now when compared to other established cities,
so it’s the best time for making investments on lands before price hikes

Why Invest In Dholera ?

Where To Invest In Dholera ?

✔️ As the roads and infrastructure are
     ready in activation area, it is the most
     favorable place to invest.

✔️ Any industrial, residential or
      High access land in Activation
      Area would mean that you have
      hit a jackpot.

✔️ A high access or residential land
      in Linear TP or in close
      proximity to 250 meter trunk
      highway would bring 10x results


Top Companies

Torrent Power Renewable Energy

Torrent Power Renewable Energy

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Next Orbit Venture Semi-Conductor

Renew Power Solar cell and module manufacturing plant

Our Offerings


We have  many lands in Dholera SIR, for more details contact us